Jim Jennings, CPA works with closely-held companies, individuals, banks, and other affiliates providing tax, and restructuring and litigation support services since 1997.

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Reorganization Case Study #1

The Company, a $170 million manufacturer of wrought iron outdoor furniture, began to experience severe liquidity problems. Because the Company was highly leveraged and owed approximately $90 million to its bank group, the agent lender was extremely concerned about the Company's ability to service both its secured and unsecured obligations. The Company's attorneys suggested that it engage a financial professional to assist in negotiations with the bank group, initially to secure a forbearance agreement covering the critical shipping season. This lead to recommendations which it believed were critical to the near term and long-term survival of the enterprise.

In conjunction with Finley, Colmer and Company, Jim Jennings was hired to assist full time in the restructuring.

Highlights of recommendations and achievements:

Return to Profitability

The foregoing accomplishments enabled the Company's credit facility to be refinanced, resulting in an increased commitment on its revolving line of credit, which closed. This enabled it to meet its seasonal production requirements, and timely fill its customer order backlog.

A voluntary out of court plan of reorganization was proposed to major creditors, which did not receive widespread support. Certain of them rejected this plan. This response necessitated a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. A Plan of Reorganization was filed with the Bankruptcy Court, anda final Plan was approved.

The Company successfully emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Coincident with this (part of the Plan of Reorganization), Finley, Colmer and Co. successfully arranged Exit Financing.

Within a year — and less than two years after beginning to work with Jim Jennings — the Company returned to profitability.

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